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Delta Modular Construction

Modular construction in the Midwest
Modular Construction

Making Projects more affordable through modular construction

Our modular construction processes are generating real change in the cost, efficiency and affordability of construction projects.

Lower Costs Amidst inflation

It’s always been difficult to deliver great quality & value, but it’s escalated with the current construction climate.

Create Supply Chain Predicatability

Our modular approach creates increased predictability in the construction process.

End to end project completion

We’ll deliver, construct and manufacture high quality and affordable buildings.

Common Questions.

Where do you build?

While we're based out of the Minneapolis Twin Cities region, we build projects across the lower 48 United States.

What types of projects are good candidates for modular construction?

Any well thought out project has modular potential, as long as we start the conversation early in the planning process.

How long have we been in business?

Our teams and organizations have been building since 2012, but in 2016 we felt called to bring the efficiencies & affordability breakthroughs we were experiencing to the broader construction market.

After a couple of years of planning, we officially launched Delta Modular Construction in 2020.

What types of projects have we built?

We specialize in projects that help us address the causes and needs we're passionate about, such as next stage senior living, workforce housing, multi family housing & speciality commercial projects.

Modular Construction

Who We Help

County & Government

We help governments and cities deliver affordable housing, workforce housing & multi family housing.

Developers & Architects

If you're a developer or architect looking for a builder, connect with the Delta Modular team.

Owners & investors

If you're looking for a construction partner for your next building, development or facility, contact us.
OUr Vision

What can be done to make construction more affordable?

We want to bring efficiencies and innovations to the construction industry so it can experience the same value transformation the electronics and hard goods market experienced over the last 40 years.

Our modular construction innovations help bring lean efficiencies, quality improvements & less constrained schedules to the industry.

Modular construction will create a boom in lower cost housing supply.

We've already experienced these benefits in our own projects, now we're on a mission to make construction more affordable through a better supply system.

We can deliver lower costs, Efficiencies & predictable supply.

Whether your'e a county or government looking for affordable housing, or if you're a developer looking for a builder with unique solution, we're eager to connect.
Delta Modular Construction

Affordable multi unit housing and work-force housing.

Multi Unit housing

We'll share with you the dramatic results we've experienced in multi housing already, particularly with our senior living facilities throughout the Minneapolis region.

Work force housing

If you're looking for solutions to bring more workforce housing to your city, county or state, reach out to our team and discover how we're able to deliver a product and process that results in affordable work force housing.

Proven track record & Management you can rely on

When you choose Delta Modular, you'll experience the highest level of execution & project management.  From finance to project management, our team has a proven track record we'd love to share with you.